Quick Takes

Oct 7, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“For the accountants at AOL and Disney, as well as investors, it makes sense … on the surface. … For those who want more viewpoints in the news, it’s a bad idea. … AOL Time Warner of all people should know the risks in huge media mergers.”
Mark Glaser, columnist, Online Journalism Review, www.ojr.org
“No, because I think that it consolidates the two … into conglomerates and is homogenizing the news and our ability to gather it.”
Joan Gerberding, president, American Women in Radio & Television
“I like the idea of good organizations competing. It’s a very all-American kind of activity that makes most things work better. … If CNN has to merge, ABC is a sensible choice. But I’d prefer to see it remain a separate entity.”
Jimmy Schaeffler, chairman/CEO, The Carmel Group