Quick Takes

Oct 28, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Don’t play Coke to their Pepsi. Don’t make cavalier changes to the formula for reliable genre entertainment. You’re still more popular and more mainstream. … Rely on quality and trust the audience to find it, just as HBO does.”
Ted Cox, television critic, Daily Herald (Chicago)
“I think HBO’s reputation is inflated. It largely rests on three series-`The Sopranos,’ `Sex and the City’ and `Six Feet Under’-and the first two are beginning to show chinks in their armor.”
Robert Philpot, entertainment writer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“I believe the networks do compete with HBO. How can we forget all the well-written shows on commercial television today … `Everybody Loves Raymond,’ `Friends,’ `CSI,’ `ER,’ `Will & Grace,’ `Frasier,’ `Law & Order’ … just to name a few.”
Jill Sommers, programming director, WISC-TV (CBS), Madison, Wis.