Real Sex

Oct 28, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Attitudes toward sexuality have been profoundly affected by this show. The transformation in what people will talk about openly-from our first show in 1990 to the year 2002-is amazing. Even the people on the street are so free in what they’ll say [during those segments]. The show has begotten more open programming. And it’s never mean-spirited or pornographic. We try to maintain a humorous aspect in our approach to sex. We are going to a new hour format-not segmented-in late spring/early summer, and are planning a “Best of 12 Years” special to follow “Oz” in February.
We’ve had some very funny times filming workshops. Once we were in Hawaii filming a workshop called “Body, Mind and Soul” with a group of real people. We were concerned that the participants would need time to relax, to talk and get to know each other. But they were ready to go. Suddenly they were in a circle writhing in nudity and it was so intense we just had to take a break-and called “Lunch! ”
HBO’s impact on the quality of television programming has been enormous. Network television, in my opinion, is ridiculously timid. [HBO is] provocative, daring and is pulling a large share of the audience.