The High Life

Oct 28, 2002  •  Post A Comment

We were very proud of it, although it didn’t have a long run on HBO-about eight or 10 episodes. Adam Resnick, who has worked with David Letterman for a long time and who is a smart, very funny guy, wanted to do this show, and Dave supported it. He first did a pilot for CBS, but CBS passed, so Adam remade it for HBO. It was a period piece, shot in New York without famous actors, but with really, really good character actors.
It was really well done in black-and-white on crisp film-some people called it comedy noir. HBO was welcoming and supportive once they got the idea. So we all jumped in together to make it work. Although it isn’t on the air anymore, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t do what we intended to do-make a good show and help Adam achieve his vision. This was about letting Adam do the special show that he had in him. God bless HBO for having the guts and the business model to take a chance on shows like this.