At Press Time

Nov 11, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Washington-A U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington last Friday axed Federal Communications Commission rules requiring TV stations to provide description services for the visually impaired. The court said the FCC lacked authority to impose the regulations, which were created in April. The Motion Picture Association of America sued to overturn the requirement.
Comcast-AT&T merger should close this week
Washington-Comcast Corp. is expected by the end of this week to close its deal to acquire AT&T Broadband, currently valued at about $54 billion, creating the largest cable footprint in the United States with some 22 million subscribers. Although the Federal Communications Commission as of late last Friday still had not officially sanctioned the deal, it did say it would not probe deeper into the confidential terms of the merged cable operator’s carriage agreement with America Online, as requested by watchdog groups and competing Internet service providers.
Delaney out at ‘Miami’
Los Angeles-Actress Kim Delaney is leaving CBS’s “CSI: Miami.” Her character, Megan Donner, is being written out of the show and will make her last appearance Nov. 25. CBS said in a statement that the move was the result of a joint decision by the producers and network production companies Alliance Atlantis and CBS Productions. The statement said the decision was made because Ms. Delaney’s character was becoming less integral to the show as the season continued. Ms. Delaney was a late addition to the cast after her ABC show “Philly” was canceled last spring, and her character never seemed to gel with the rest of the cast.