“Did the absence of exit poll data from Voter News Service hurt TV election coverage?”

Nov 18, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“We are always waiting for the actual results. I suppose exit polls are good until you get the real results. Did it hurt? It’s hard to say. It might [have] enhanced [the coverage] if we had it. I cannot say there was pain, necessarily.”
Gene Cubbison, general assignment reporter, KNSD-TV (NBC), San Diego
“No. I am one of those people who hate predictions and have always been like that about election coverage. Considering what happened in the last presidential election, election predicting got a bad reputation.”
Sal Quijada, political reporter, KGUN-TV (ABC), Tucson, Ariz.
“The main way it affected our coverage, it made the night last much longer. The kinds of things exit polls often monitor, we don’t normally use that on election night [when] we’re generally so busy just focusing on straight results.”
Randy Shandobil, political editor, KTVU-TV (Fox), Oakland, Calif.