Quick Takes

Nov 25, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Only if Tony Soprano whacked some Emmy voters. Or people from `Real Sex’ roamed around nude. The Emmys have always been a bore, and HBO wouldn’t fix that. Plus, it would only make the net heads whine, and who needs more of that?”
Tim Goodman, TV critic, San Francisco Chronicle
“I doubt HBO could have done a better job productionwise. And how strange would it have been to watch an awards show with no commercials? But I bet it would have been fun to hear uncensored victory speeches.”
Marc Allan, TV/radio editor, Indianapolis Star
“Better, no. Different, yes. Chris Rock could host and be free to shoot from the lip. And that topless dance number would be a trip. [But] there would be enormous pressure from the broadcast networks on celebrities not to participate.”
Walt Belcher, TV critic, Tampa (Fla.) Tribune