Quick Takes

Dec 16, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“I think his key contribution to the industry was his insatiable curiosity. It drove everything he did, from `spanning the globe’ for sports from different cultures with `Wide World’ to explaining the Middle East conflict on `America Held Hostage.”’
Ryan Craig, director of research, KING-TV (NBC), Seattle
“Certainly to a sports guy, it would be `Monday Night Football.’ Bringing the NFL into national attention as prime-time entertainment would to me be his most significant accomplishment.”
Mike Mangas, sports director, KRCR-TV (ABC), Redding, Calif.
“I think the greatest legacy of Roone Arledge is how his vision changed the way sports are televised. What I will remember most is how he made `Monday Night Football’ the institution it now is and the coverage of the 1972 Munich Olympics.”
Ed McDougall, sports reporter, KOB-TV (NBC), Albuquerque, N.M.