Quick takes

Jan 6, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What is the future of Thursday ‘Must See TV’? ‘Will & Grace’ seems to have forgotten it’s a sitcom, while viewers seem to have forgotten ‘Good Morning, Miami’ is a sitcom. Could ‘Scrubs’ work in a two-hour format? There’s a thought.

Steve Gidlow, TV reporter, Pacific Publications

“The biggest issue is whether or not the networks can find a way to stop cannibalizing each other and start focusing on their biggest competition: cable. It’s time for an entirely new business model and some bold decisions.”

Brill Bundy, managing editor, TV, Zap2it.com

“Two guarantees: To the investor, that the continued merger-and-acquisition activity is sound financially, and to the viewer, that it provides more choice.”

Gary Lico, president/CEO, CABLEready