Product Spotlight: Go2Broadband

Feb 3, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Go2Broadband (G2B), a service of CableLabs.
What it does: G2B is an Internet-based online database designed to assist retailers and content providers in selling cable services such as high-speed Internet access.
G2B is a cable industry-wide tool that allows affiliated computer makers, retail partners and content providers to identify which services are available within a given ZIP code.
G2B is essentially a database that member companies-most of the top cable operators-fill out with ZIP codes, said David Reed, chief technology officer for CableLabs. Since the major cable companies are tied into the service, G2B covers most of the country.
G2B has been available for more than a year. It is essentially a “message clearinghouse” between cable operators and their affiliated partners to provide information on available cable services, Mr. Reed said.
Updates: At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, CableLabs announced that G2B this year will be trialing the addition of HDTV services to G2B so that consumers can also identify which HD services are available in their area.
“If you are a retailer selling HDTVs you could say, `Comcast offers these HD services, too,”’ Mr. Reed said. The service will be tested with a retailer in Cox’s Las Vegas market and a retailer in Time Warner’s San Antonio market.
In addition, Comcast is planning G2B HDTV field trials early this year. The G2B HD service locator will list the markets in which HD services are available, pricing information, and service tiers for such programming. According to CableLabs, HDTV service is offered by at least one cable operator in 62 of the top 100 markets.
Usage: In 2002, G2B received 10.5 million queries.
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