Product Spotlight: Z-3000/CR-D10 Camcorder

Feb 10, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What it is: The Z-3000/ CR-D10 Camcorder, a DVD-RAM Camcorder from Hitachi
What it does: The DVD-Ram camcorder, introduced late last year, is designed for news gathering and news production. It includes a DVD-RAM, which allows for DVD recording. DVD is a more flexible and versatile method of recording, because a disc could be used 100,000 times, for instance, while a videotape usually wears out after six to seven uses, said Emilio Aleman, product manager, broadcast and professional products for Hitachi in Woodbury, N.Y.
Features and benefits: The advantage of disc recording is that the shelf life of a disc is expected to be more than 30 years, since there is no contact with the actual media, he said. In addition, the cost is less than $25 for a 4.7 gigabyte disc, he said. “The other advantage of disc recording is nonlinear access to audio and video. You don’t need to fast forward or rewind. When you edit this material you download the clips into your nonlinear editor,” he said. “The actual use of discs will save time and resources because they are nonlinear and because discs last that much longer.”
News applications: When this camera system is used in the field, journalists can send the finished story back as data rather than as video. Since the video is acquired in a digital form, the crew no longer needs to convert videotape into a computer file, thereby saving time. “You take the disc out of the machine, put it in the laptop and transmit those files using FTP or LAN to wherever in the world they need to go or you can send the disc,” he said. The discs can be brought back to the station or transmitted to the station.
Partners: Hitachi is currently working with Apple, Pinnacle, Avid and other software companies so that their nonlinear software applications can read the file format on a DVD.
Cost: $5990
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