Profile: Linda Yaccarino

Feb 17, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Title: General manager of TBS Superstation and TNT Sales
Recent interesting deal: “At Turner Entertainment Sales, we worked with Magna Global Entertainment and Johnson & Johnson in a way that reaches far beyond the impact of a single network media deal. We launched an original film development partnership between J&J and TNT, which will produce a minimum of two original pictures per year. Our entertainment networks are well suited to reinforce the J&J family-friendly focus and have the additional marketing power of our company’s assets behind them.
“For the launch of TBS Superstation’s Non-Stop Comedy Block, we developed exclusive category-specific TBS marketing opportunities for one advertiser per quarter [clients such as Domino’s Pizza in the fourth quarter, Procter & Gamble in the first quarter and Pepsi in the second quarter], designed to focus on their brand’s messages in shows such as `Friends,’ `Seinfeld’ and `Drew Carey.’ The TBS Non-Stop Comedy Block will continue to maintain value in the years ahead with the addition of `Everybody Loves Raymond’ in 2004 and `The King of Queens’ in 2005.”
The next big thing: “Marketers will continue to grow frustrated in managing marketing costs with broadcast and syndication, mediums in which they’re being held hostage to rising rates and declining returns. TNT and TBS will continue to develop programming and marketing platforms to offer these advertising partners substitutes for both broadcast network and syndicated television. Stay tuned.”
Is there anything you wish you had sold less of: “Once upon a time I was in syndication sales, which included selling professional wrestling. Need I say more?”
Is there anything you wish you had sold more of: “At the time, I wished we had sold more of “Movie and a Makeover,” our new TBS weekend franchise, in the upfront. But then, with the start of first-quarter scatter, it became a runaway success, and now it’s sold out for the remainder of the year.”
If you weren’t in media sales: “I would be living with my husband Claude and two children, Matthew and Christian, on the island of Capri.”