Profile: Richard Fisher

Feb 3, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Title: CEO, eMotion Inc.
Background: Mr. Fisher has been with eMotion for about a year and previously served as president of RespondTV. Prior to that, he was the founder and CEO of ZDTV, now TechTV.
Focus: eMotion provides software to manage digital assets and rich media. Some of the company’s entertainment clients include King World, Discovery, Fox Kids and ABC. The company offers several methods to access its technology: Clients can purchase the software and install it on their own servers or they can sign up for a year of the hosted service, in which eMotion hosts the software at its site and clients access it on the Web.
The latest: eMotion introduced late last year a new service called CreativePartner Project. It operates like eMotion’s hosted service but is available on a project-by-project basis. “You could come in and do a project, have access to a sophisticated DAM [digital asset management] system for the length of the project without committing to buying the software,” Mr. Fisher said.
Discovery, for instance, has used eMotion’s media archiving service for the past six years to manage and distribute digital images, graphics and logos. Discovery opted to sign up for CreativePartner Project last fall to streamline the selection of images to be used in the network’s branding and marketing initiatives this year.
The service also allowed Discovery employees around the world to access and provide feedback online on the images.
The state of digital asset management: “You have companies like Fox Kids and Discovery who will say it is a mission-critical piece of their business. You will have others who will decide in a year or two if they ever want to do this,” Mr. Fisher said.
From the ground up: “We’re really focused on department-level installations because one department usually sees a need for it first before the whole enterprise does. If it’s enterprise-wide then it takes a year or two to make decisions and that’s a recipe for failure. If you do it at a department then you will know in a year or two where to go with the enterprise. The cost isn’t there vs. the return at a media company for an enterprise-wide system. Change takes time. For most companies, a more methodical approach over a few years makes sense,” he said.