Publisher’s Note: Mermigas expands with newsletter

Feb 10, 2003  •  Post A Comment

If Electronic Media has meant anything in readers’ minds over the years, it’s meant Diane Mermigas. And this week marks the official kickoff of our new e-mail newsletter, Mermigas on Media.
Diane started as a reporter who was our secret weapon; she’s become a nationally known, award-winning financial journalist specializing in media. How influential is Diane? Well, in most circles she’s just referred to as Mermigas, with a mixture of respect and fear.
And when I say fear, I mean that in the best sense. Because Diane gets the goods. Who broke the huge news that Comcast was going after AT&T? Mermigas did. Who broke the news that Dick Parsons was bringing Ted Turner back into AOL Time Warner (right after Jerry Levin left the company)? Mermigas did. And so it goes, major media business scoop after major media business scoop.
As valuable as Diane has been as a breaker of big news, she is one of those special journalists who has another invaluable talent: She brings incredible insight into the deals and financial machinations of the major media companies.
About nine months ago I started talking to Diane about how we can serve our readers better through her expertise. And the answer quickly became clear: An e-mail newsletter that we dubbed Mermigas on Media. What’s happened, quite frankly, is that Diane has outgrown the pages of EM. When I was editor of EM, Diane would inundate me, day after day, with wonderful story ideas, of which I had the space to use only a fraction.
Mermigas on Media gives Diane the opportunity to expound, at length, on issues that are of vital importance to top media executives. Her newsletter, of which she is the sole editor, will carry original information, analysis and data without which many of you cannot completely do your jobs. Mermigas on Media truly is, as we have said in our promotional material, “The media intelligence report that puts you ahead of the competition.”
The even better news is that as Diane moves on to become editor of Mermigas on Media, she will continue as a contributing editor at EM (and, next month, when we become TelevisionWeek, she’ll be onboard with her weekly column as well). Many of you have asked me whether Diane’s column will just mimic her newsletter, and vice versa. The answer is no. Each will be totally independent of the other. The only similarity is that in both you’ll be getting the insights of the TV industry’s leading business journalist, Diane Mermigas.
To subscribe to Diane’s e-mail newsletter go to emonline.com/onmedia.