Quick Takes

Feb 10, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“Absolutely. It’s supply and demand. A friend of mine just said she’s really gotten bored with `Law & Order.’ She’s been watching the repeats on A&E every night. Now she’s no longer interested in the new ones.”
Bob Laurence, television critic, San Diego Union-Tribune
“I think it’s the opposite. Anything that makes it easier for viewers to find is only good. Cable isn’t some backwater that diminishes a show’s stature. It certainly hasn’t hurt `The Sopranos’ either to be on cable or to run more than once.”
Rick Kushman, television critic, Sacramento (Calif.) Bee
“These days, I’m not sure it’s possible to diminish the brand of a show. … There is very little overlap between broadcast network and cable audiences when a show is repurposed. Being on cable these days can imbue [a show] with further credibility.”
David Kronke, television critic, Los Angeles Daily News