Contained in Turkey

Mar 24, 2003  •  Post A Comment

The NBC News team covering events on the Turkish/Iraqi border from the Turkish side is operating out of two metal shipping containers pulled by an 18-wheeler truck. We’ve dubbed it the Mosher Mobile, for NBC Producer Mike Mosher, who contracted with a Turkish company to have the containers turned into portable office spaces.
One of the containers has desks and chairs for working, plus bunk beds for overnight campouts. The other has a storage area for all the TV camera gear, a bathroom and a small kitchen.
The rig is augmented by a satellite truck from Istanbul for live TV transmissions. We have the capability of feeding live and pretaped pictures on a videophone that also serves as a data link for our computers. If need be, we can drive the unit up to the Iraqi border for pictures near the front lines.
We’re still waiting to see just what role Turkey will play in the war, whether Turkish soil will be used by the U.S. forces and when Turkish airspace will be opened.