Hilary Duff’s Mom Makes No Apologies

Mar 24, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Last week, New York Post gossip maven Cindy Adams called the mother of Lizzie McGuire and Agent Cody Banks star Hilary Duff “the new gold standard in stage moms,” and Susan Duff is still fuming: “Who’s supposed to make decisions for a 15-year-old if not her parents? I think this came from people in Hollywood who aren’t happy they can’t do what they want. Are we supposed to turn our children over to agents and managers who have tons of clients? Or should I just make the best decisions possible for my daughter?”
She battles against those who want to make her teen too sexy, with too much make up or revealing clothes. “I think we have a responsibility to other 15-year-old who see Hilary as a role model,” Mrs. Duff said.
A native of Houston, Hilary followed her older sister Haylie into the business at age six in the miniseries True Women. Her mother, 49, brought the sisters to Hollywood, where Hilary’s career took off after she was cast in the hit Disney Channel series. Hilary now has a record contract, a clothing line and upcoming movie roles at Fox and Warner Bros. But a starring role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen fell through after after Disney refused requests from Mrs. Duff for cellphones, a producing credit (to help her learn the business, she explained) and an unlimited back-end deal. “They wanted to cap her earnings,” Mrs. Duff said, “but they weren’t capping how much money the studio can make. Disney likes to paint the parents as villains, but they weren’t doing right by my daughter.” She also asked about a role for daughter Haylie, but said that was just an inquiry. Through a spokesperson, Disney declined comment.
Mrs. Duff fired Hilary’s last agent. She said they weren’t doing anything. “Hilary is at the top of her game right now,” Mrs. Duff said, “and there are just a bunch of nuts out there.”
What does Hilary think about it? “All she’s thinking about right now is getting her driver’s license,” Mrs. Duff said. “We have a very normal home life.”