Mar 3, 2003  •  Post A Comment

One of the bigger questions you might have as you read this premiere issue of TelevisionWeek is why: Why has Electronic Media become TelevisionWeek?
The question for us at Crain Communications was simply, “In the TV world of the 21st century, how can we serve the reader better?”
We feel confident-based on the feedback that we get from many of you-that EM did indeed serve your needs. Indisputably, we’ve been the No. 1 book for syndication. And, in recent years, we’ve become a must-read for those in the TV ad business, be it at cable networks, national broadcasters, media ad agencies, local TV stations or local cable systems. And since our move to Hollywood three years ago, many showrunners and their staffs have been kind enough to say they’ve found EM a must-read as well.
But what has been clear is that myriad TV trades have been going after various niches-not one publication has been connecting the dots between the various segments of the TV business. One of our competitors is particularly regulatory-oriented and devotes a fair amount of space to radio. A couple of others are particularly dedicated to covering the world of the cable operator. Much of a fourth one is devoted to print. And two others nominally cover TV, but their primary focus is the movie business.
TelevisionWeek will cover TV and only TV. We will be your one-stop must-read that connects the dots between programming, distribution, advertising, regulation and finance. The best news is that we won’t be abandoning any of the features in EM that have won us such a loyal and devoted following; we’ll just add more features.
The bottom line is that TelevisionWeek is your community newspaper. Let us know what you think.