Pilot Pickups

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ABC drama
* 10-8 (Spelling TV/Touchstone TV) About rookie cops and their training officers at the L.A. Sheriff’s Department. EP: Jorge Zamacona (writer), Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent.
* 111 Gramercy Park (Warner Bros. Television) Revolves around the politics, drama and upstairs/ downstairs relationships within a posh New York apartment building. EP: Bob Brush (writer), Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum.
* Alaska a k a The Circle (Touchstone TV) Alaskan state trooper and his team investigate murders and crimes unique to the frozen tundra of Alaska. EP: John August (writer).
* The D.A. (Warner Bros. and Shephard/Robin Productions) A D.A. partners with a private investigator to solve the murder of a co-worker. EP: James Duff (writer), Greer Shephard and Michael Robin (director).
* The Flannerys (Warner Bros./Tollin-Robbins) Recovering alcoholic dad loses his big-firm job and becomes a storefront lawyer. EP: Kevin Falls (writer), Peter O’Fallon (director), Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola.
* Karen Sisco (Universal Television/Jersey TV) Series based on Jennifer Lopez’s federal marshal character in the movie “Out of Sight” EP: Jason Smilovic (writer), John Landgraf, Danny DeVito, Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg.
* The Partners (Touchstone TV) Focuses on an unlikely pair of female undercover cops. EP: Kerry Ehrin (writer) and Nena Rodrigue.
* The Street Lawyer (Touchstone TV) Based on John Grisham novel about a lawyer who gives up his big-firm job to work for disadvantaged people. EP: David Levien (writer), Brian Koppelman (writer), John Grisham and David Gernert.
* Taranus (Touchstone TV/Storyline Entertainment) Drama set in ancient Rome among gladiators in the days following Caesar’s murder. Caesar’s 17-year-old nephew Augustus is forced into exile with a disgraced gladiator who has sworn to protect him. EP: Thomas Wheeler (writer), Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. (13-episode script order but no pilot order.)
* Then Came Jones (Touchstone TV) Western set in El Paso, Texas in 1899. A man runs a brothel while also effectively running the town. Stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Melissa Gilbert. EP: Chris Brancato (writer) and Bert Salke.
* Threat Matrix (Touchstone TV/Industry TV) Kelly Rutherford and James Denton star in drama about a multiagency U.S. task force fights terrorism. EP: Daniel Voll (writer), Keith Addis, Michael Edelstein and Emile Levisetti.
* Untitled hotel drama (Warner Bros.) Set at a luxury hotel in the Caribbean. EP: Armyan Bernstein (writer).
* Untitled Rod Lurie Project (DreamWorks TV/Touchstone TV) Revolves around an ambitious group of new agents as they join a regional FBI office to fight organized crime. Stars Leslie Bibb, Leslie Hope and David Paymer. EP: Rod Lurie (writer) and Marc Frydman.
ABC comedy
* Hench at Home (Touchstone TV/DreamWorks TV) Retired pro hockey player finds he no* has a lot of free time to spend with his wife and kids around the house. EP: Michael Fox (writer), Mitch Hurwitz and Danelle Black.
* Hope and Faith (Touchstone Television/Industry Entetaiment) Family comedy based on two sisters–one a housewife and the other a popular soap opera actress–and how their lives are turned upside down when the star of the family has to move in with her normal sister. Co-EP: Joanna Johnson (writer). EP: Keith Addis, Emile Levisetti and Michael Edelstein.
* My Life With Men (Touchstone) Centers on a woman struggling to raise her four sons, her father and her husband all at the same time. EP: Denise Moss (writer) and Sy Dukane (writer) and Nena Rodrigue.
* Platonically Incorrect (Touchstone TV/Shady Acres) Man and woman work together and are best friends but have a completely platonic relationship. EP: Tom Shadyac and Michael Bostick. Writer: Darlene Hunt.
* These Guys (Carsey-Werner-Mandabach) Tim Allen narrates the misadventures of four men facing marriage, parenthood, divorce and dating in the new millennium. EP: Mark Brazill (writer), Tim Allen (writer) and Ron Zimmerman (writer), Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach.
* Untitled Chris Henchy pilot (Tollin-Robbins) Romantic comedy about a relationship between a teacher and a celebrity. EP: Chris Henchy (writer), Marco Pennette (writer), Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola.
* Untitled Dan Finnerty project (Warner Bros. Television/ Mohawk Productions/ Wonderland Productions) Dan Finnerty of the Dan Band stars as an average guy who suddenly finds himself as the star performer at his family’s lounge. EP: Bruce Helford, Deborah Oppenheimer, Bruce Rasmussen (writer) and McG. Writer: Matt Ember.
* Untitled Flett-Giordano and Ranberg Project (Touchstone Television/ Paramount Television/Storyline Entertainment) About a young couple, where the man is from a very conservative, strait-laced family and his girlfriend is the daughter of a gay couple. EP: Ann Flett-Giordano (writer), Chuck Ranberg (writer), Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.
* Untitled Jenny McCarthy project (Touchstone Television) Jenny McCarthy stars as a rich heiress who loses all her money and has to lead a regular life. EP: Don Beck (writer).
* Untitled Tom Hertz Project (20th Century Fox Television/ Brad Grey Television) About an introverted New Yorker who marries into a large, gregarious family from Kansas. EP: Tom Hertz (writer) and Brad Grey.
CBS drama
* Battle Creek (Sony Pictures Television) Crime drama about an FBI agent and cop who butt heads in Battle Creek, Mich. EP: Vince Gilligan (writer) and Mark Johnson. cast contingent.
* The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (20th Century Fox Television/ David E. Kelley Prods.) Family drama about three brothers who live in the fictional town of Poland, N.H. EP: David E. Kelley (writer) and Michael Pressman (director).
* Century City (Universal Network Television) futuristic legal drama set at a law firm in 2053. EP: Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs and Ed Zuckerman (writer).
* Cold Cases (Warner Bros. TV/Bruckheimer TV/CBS Productions) Focuses on the female head of Philadelphia Police Department’s cold-case squad. EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Meredith Stiehm (writer) and Jonathan Littman.
* Criminology 101 (20th Century Fox TV/Spyglass Entertainment) Two female criminology students solve crimes. EP: Nell Scovell (writer), Roger Birnbaum, Gary Berber, Meghan Wolpert. Pilot presentation. Cast contingent.
* Expert Witness (20th Century Fox/The Firm) Drama about a forensic psychologist. EP: Hart Hanson (writer), Keith Ablow and Scott Vila.
* JAG spinoff (Paramount Network TV) Spinoff focusing on the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. EP: Don Bellisario (writer) and Don McGill (writer).
* Joan of Arcadia (20th Century Fox Television) About a young girl who is a contemporary Joan of Arc. God appears to her in a different form each week. EP: Barbara Hall (writer). Pilot presentation.
* Street Boss (Viacom Productions) Focuses on a man who trains undercover homicide and vice cops. EP: Chris Haddock (writer).
* Untitled Danny Glover Project (Spelling TV/CBS Productions) Danny Glover stars as a cop turned private investigator in Oakland, Calif. EP: John Wirth (writer), Walter Mosley, Kevin Sullivan, Arnold Rifkin and Danny Glover.
* Violent Crime (Universal Network TV) About two female Boston detectives. EP: Samantha Corbin (writer).
CBS comedy
* All Grown Up (Warner Bros./Live Planet/Bulls Eye Entertainment) About a group of friends who must deal with the fact that two of them are becoming first-time parents. EP: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Sean Bailey, Casey Affleck and Tom Nunan.Writer: Jay Lacopo.
* Crazylove (Touchstone TV/CBS Productions) A married couple adopts a Chinese baby girl. EP: Bob Stevens (writer) and Jamie Tarses. Cast contingent.
* Family Show (Sony Pictures Television) About parents dealing with their teenage kids’ having a child of their own. Writer: Matthew Carlson.
* The Lunchbox Chronicles (Universal TV/CBS Productions) Monica Potter stars as a widowed mother of two young kids. EP: Bill Diamond (writer).
* The Stones (Warner Bros.) 20-something children must adjust when their parents announce they are filing fo
r divorce. EP: Max Mutchnick, David Kohan and Jenji Kohan (writer).
* Untitled Nicole Sullivan Project (Touchstone Television). Nicole Sullivan stars as a veterinarian who is newly married to a man with three brothers and no* finds that instead of just one ne* man in her life, she has four. EP: Susan Dickes (writer).
Fox drama
* The Break (20th Century Fox/Imagine TV) A father returns home to Hawaii with his troubled son to join an elite unit of cops who work and surf on the treacherous shores of the island. EP: John Stockwell (writer and director), Brian Grazer and David Nevins. Originally ordered as a put pilot. Will start shooting water footage in February, with principal photography to follow.
* No Place Like Home (Sony Pictures Television) Two teens from different economic backgrounds get married. EP: Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman.
* NYPD 2069 (Paramount Network Television/Steven Bochco Productions) Josh Hopkins will play a modern-day cop who lands in the year 2069 after being cryogenically frozen when a shooting nearly takes his life. EP: Nicholas Wootton (writer), Matthe* Olmstead (writer) and Steven Bochco.
* The OC (Warner Bros. TV/Wonderland Productions) Drama about a street-smart teen who winds up in the high-class society of Orange County, Calif. “Beverly Hills 90210” set in Orange County. EP: McG (director) and Josh Schwartz (writer).
* Skin (Warner Bros. Television/Bruckheimer Productions) A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story, with her dad’s being an adult film producer and his dad’s being the county D.A. intent on taking her father down. EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jim Leonard (writer) and Jonathan Littman.
* Still Life (20th Century Fox/Original TV) Family drama told from point of vie* of the recently deceased 20-year-old son. EP: Kip Koening (writer), Marti Nixon, Marty Adelstein, Neal Moritz and Dawn Parouse.
* Untitled Holland/Fuller Project a k a Maid of the Mist (20th Century Fox/Regency TV) 20-something woman has visions that create quirky and sometimes moving ramifications for her Royal Tennenbaums-like family. EP: Todd Holland (writer) and Bryan Fuller (writer).
* Untitled hotel drama (20th Century Fox Television) Revolves around the lives of 20-something townies who work at an upscale beach hotel in Southampton, Long Island, and the class conflicts that arise between the haves and the have-nots. EP: Peter Elkoff (writer) and Oren Coulis. Director: Dave Meyers.
* Untitled Jon Feldman Project (20th Century Fox/Original TV) Eliza Dushku is a female grad student who discovers that she can relive days of her life, enabling her to save lives by changing the course of events. EP: Jon Feldman (writer), Marty Adelstein, Neal Moritz and Dawn Parouse.
* Untitled Kohn/Silverstein Project (20th Century Fox) A couple who write an advice column break up, but must continue to work together and be friends. EP: Abby Kohn (writer) and Marc Silverstein (writer), Ann Hamilton.
Fox comedy
* A Minute With Stan Hooper (Paramount) Norm Macdonald stars as a guy who moves with his wife to the backcountry from New York City. EP: Norm Macdonald and Barry Kemp.
* Arrested Development (20th Century Fox/Imagine Television) About a young widower who becomes head of the family when his dad goes to jail for fraud. EP: Mitch Hurwitz (writer), Ron Howard and David Nevins.
* The Big Wide World of Carl Laemke (20th Century Fox Television) Revolves around a suburban family and is told from the point of view of a dad who won’t grow up. EP: Bob Odenkirk (writer).
* Cracking Up (20th Century Fox Television/Brad Grey Television) About a psych graduate student who lives in the guesthouse of a nutty family that embraces him as their own. EP: Mike White (writer), Jay Roach and Brad Grey.
* The Mallards (Imagine/20th Century Fox Television) Greg Germann is the father of a blue-collar family who discovers he has a long-lost son. EP: David Isaacs (writer), Ken Levine (writer), David Nevins and Brian Grazer.
* Mister Ed (20th Century Fox/ Original Television) Remake of original “Mister Ed” series. EP: Jack Handey, Marty Adelstein, Neal Moritz and Dawn Parouse.
* The Pool at Maddy Breakers (20th Century Fox/Original Television) About three women in their late 20s who were the most popular girls in high school. EP: Ron Leavitt, Marty Adelstein, Neal Moritz and Dawn Parouse
* Titletown (20th Century Fox Television/Brad Grey TV) Follows three families in Green Bay, Wis., who live for the Green Bay Packers. EP: Linda Wallem (writer) and Brad Grey.
* Untitled Louis Guzman Project (20th Century Fox Television) Louis Guzman stars as a hardworking neoconservative who owns a doughnut shop in Spanish Harlem. EP: Will Gluck (writer).
* Untitled Martin pilot (Regency TV) Based on life of Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser. EP: Jeff Martin (writer) and Lindy DeKoven.
* Untitled Ron White sitcom (20th Century Fox/Regency Television) Ron White stars as a guy who runs a pottery factory in Mexico with his girlfriend. EP: Al Higgins (writer).
* Untitled Twins Project (Tollin/Robbins and Warner Bros. TV). The series is about 20-something fraternal brother and sister twins who become roommates after six years apart. EP: Michael Glauberman (writer), Andre* Orenstein (writer), Brian Robbins, Michael Tollin and Joe Davola.
NBC drama
* EDNY (NBC Studios. Ensemble drama starring Billy Baldwin set in New York’s U.S. Attorneys office. EP: Anthony Drazan (writer).
* Future Tense (Warner Bros./NBC Studios/Silver Pictures) Follows a high-tech elite law enforcement unit in the future. EP: Joel Silver and Javier Grillo-Marxuach (writer).
* Homeland Security (Paramount Network TV) About a U.S. government antiterrorism agency. EP: Christopher Crowe (writer) and Kerry McCluggage.
* The Lyon’s Den (20th Century Fox/Brad Grey Studios) Ensemble legal drama set in a midsize la* firm with a long history. Rob Lowe will star and executive produce. EP: Remi Aubuchon (writer), Brad Grey andBernie Brillstein.
* Miss Match (20th Century Fox TV/Imagine TV) Alicia Silverstone stars as a matrimonial attorney by day and a matchmaker by night. EP: Jeff Rake (writer), Darren Star, David Nevins and Brian Grazer.
* Sunset Division (NBC Studios) “Crossing Jordan” cop spinoff starring Jerry O’Connell and Leon. EP: Tim Kring (writer). Writer: Damon Lindelof.
* Untitled Las Vegas Project (NBC Studios/DreamWorks) Josh Duhamel stars as a casino security expert in Las Vegas. EP: Gary Scott Thompson (writer), Scott Steindorf, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank.
NBC comedy
* Come to Papa (Warner Bros. TV) Based on Tom Papa’s standup routine about a couple who live in the same New Jersey town they grew up in but have big dreams. EP: Greg Malins (writer). Producer: Tom Papa (writer).
* Coupling (NBC Studios/Reveille Studios) American version of British series about six friends. Stars Rena Sofer, Breckin Meyer, Lindsay Price, Jay Harrington, Colin Ferguson and Emily Rutherfurd. EP: Phoef Sutton (writer) and Ben Silverman.
* Happy Family (NBC Studios) About an empty-nester couple whose adult children keep moving back in. John Larroquette stars. EP: Moses Port (writer) and David Guarascio (writer).
* Mr. Ambassador (Touchstone TV/NBC Studios) Rupert Everett stars as a fish-out-of-water British ambassador to the United States. RonReaco Lee and Meredith Eaton also in cast. EP: Victor Levin (writer) and Marc Platt.
* Once Around the Park (NBC Studios) Heather Locklear stars as a divorced mother of two kids who don’t want to see their parents get back together. EP: Jamie Widdoes (director) and Flody Suarez. Writer: Donald Todd.
* The Ortegas (Pariah) About a boy and his Mexican family who host a talk show from their backyard. EP: Wally Waladorsky (writer) and Gavin Polone.
* The Ripples (DreamWorks/ NBC Studios) Family comedy centering around a couple that has been married for 4,000 years and has a son who looks 15 but is really 3,985 years old. EP: Peter Melman (writer) and John Hayman (writer).
* Spellbound (Warner Bros.) Romantic comedy with supernatural elements centers around a mal
e witch who falls in love with a mortal. EP: Rob Greenberg (writer) and Suzanne Martin (writer).
* Touch ‘Em All McCall (NBC Studios) Tom Selleck stars as an ex-baseball player who returns to his hometown to coach a farm team. EP: Jay Tarses (writer), Norman Steinberg (writer) and Michael Brandman.
* Tracy Morgan Project (Carsey-Werner-Mandabach/ NBC Studios/SNL Studios) Tracy Morgan is a blue-collar guy who runs a business in New York. EP: David Israel (writer), Jim O’Doherty (writer), Lorne Michaels, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach.
* Untitled Heline and Heisler Project (NBC Studios) Political comedy centering around a young charismatic Clintonesque governor from Pennsylvania. EP: Eileen Heisler (writer ) and De Ann Heline (writer).
* Untitled Howie Mandel Project (Pariah TV/3 Arts Entertainment) Based on Mr. Mandel’s life as a father of three who does regular hidden-camera bits on NBC’s “Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” EP: Gavin Polone, Michael Rotenberg, Mark Driscoll (writer).
* Untitled Jay Scherick and David Ronn Project (Touchstone) Family comedy focusing on three adult siblings who are all at turning points in their lives. EP: Jay Scherick (writer) and David Ronn (writer).
* Untitled Phil Hendrie Project (NBC Studios) The radio personality as a former city cop who becomes the head of security for a gated community. EP: Peter Tolan (writer).
* Untitled Robert Peacock Project (Grammnet and Paramount Television) About an eclectic group of people who frequent a restaurant set in the deep South. EP: Kelsey Grammer and Steve Stark. Co-EP: Robert Peacock (writer).
* Untitled Tim Doyle Project (NBC Studios) About two working middle-class parents and their family. EP: Tim Doyle (writer).
* Whoopi Goldberg Project (Carsey-Werner-Mandabach) Whoopi Goldberg as a scheming co-owner of a hotel who is also raising a 4-year-old. EP: Bonnie and Terry Turner (writers), Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach.
WB drama
* Chasing Alice (Michigan J. Productions/First Move Productions) A female cop from Scotland Yard moves to New York City from London in search of her missing sister Alice. In New York, she meets characters who parallel those in Alice in Wonderland. EP: Susanne Daniels and Scott Lobdell (writer).
* Dicks (Jersey TV/Sony Pictures Television) Four 20-something friends become private investigators in Los Angeles. Starring Judy Greer. EP: Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher and John Landgraf. Writer: Zach Helm.
* Fearless (Warner Bros. Television/Bruckheimer Television). About a woman who was born without the fear gene and ends up working undercover for the FBI. Based on a series of books by young-adult author Francine Pascal. EP: Jerry Bruckeheimer, Jonathan Littman and Jeremy Littman. Writers: Vincent Ngo and Evan Charnov.
* Immediate Family (Spelling TV) Lori Loughlin is a single career woman who along with her friends becomes a surrogate family to her sister’s orphaned kids. EP: Stephen Tolkin (writer), Brad Isaacs (writer), Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent.
* Jack (Warner Bros.) A 16-year-old boy growing up in a small Midwestern town is destined to be president of the United States. EP: Thomas Schlamme. Supervising producers: Brad Meltzer (writer) and Steve Cohen (writer). Co-EP and writer for pilot only: John Bellucci. Writer for pilot only: Ed Redlich.
* MacGyver (Paramount) Story of MacGyver’s 20-something nephew, played by Jared Padalecki. EP: Henry Winkler, John Rich and Stephen Downing. Writer: Sam Baum.
* Ravens (Warner Bros. TV/Tollin-Robbins Productions) Family drama about two estranged brothers who play basketball and fall in love with the same woman. EP: Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola. Writer: Mark Schwahn.
* Shadow Walkers (Regency TV/Icon/Coote-Hayes) Married archeologists and their teenage kids must track down the all-too-real creatures from legends and folklore after letting them escape from Pandora’s box. EP: Dan Angel (writer), Billy Brown (writer), Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey, Greg Coote and Jeff Hayes.
* Tarzan (Warner Bros.) Contemporary twist on classic Tarzan story. Tarzan’s uncle rescues him from the African jungle and brings him to New York, his hometown. EP: Eric Kripke (writer), David Nutter (director), Laura Ziskin and David Gerber.
* Untitled Gilmore Girls spinoff (Warner Bros.) Spinoff focusing on Jess Mariano’s (Milo Ventimiglia) relationship with his estranged father, who lives in Venice Beach, Calif. EP: Amy Sherman-Palladino (writer).
WB comedy
* All About the Andersons (Warner Bros. TV) A man moves back home to his parents’ house with his 9-year-old son. EP: Marco Pennette (writer), Adam Glass (writer), Anthony Anderson (writer) and Jamie Widdoes (director).
* Are We There Yet? (Carsey-Werner-Mandabach/Cloudbreak Prods.) Traveling family show in Europe. EP: David Goetsch (writer), Jason Venokur (writer), Ross Venokur (writer), Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach and Mark Burnett.
* The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (WBTV/Pariah) Based on the original series. EP: Jay Kogen (writer) and Gavin Polone.
* Family Friends (Michigan J. Productions). In hard times, a mom and her 16-year-old son move in with her African American best friend and her family. Co-EP: Dan Fogelman (writer).
* The Help (Michigan J. Productions) Modern update of “Upstairs, Downstairs.” EP: Ron Leavitt (writer).
* The Spaces (WBTV/ Laura Ziskin Productions). Family living in a space colony. EP: Dan Milano (writer) and Laura Ziskin. Producer: Kevin Chinoy.
* Sweet Potato Queens (Michigan J. Productions/Bon Mot) Sitcom based on the Sweet Potato Queens series of books detailing author Jill Conner Browne’s philosophy on life, love, friendships, family and fun. EP: Pamela Eells (writer). Consulting producers: Ms. Browne, Lindy DeKoven and Kyle Jennings.
* Trash (Regency Television/Sony Pictures Television) Romeo and Juliet in a trailer park. Stars Lisa Blount, Richard Burgi, Mike Erwin and Pippi. EP: Chris Thompson (writer).
* Untitled Adam Resnick Project (Sony TV/ Happy Madison) Sho* about a young mayor. EP: Adam Resnick (writer), Adam Sandler, Doug Robinson and Jack Giarraputo.
* Untitled Coming Home Project (WBTV / Tannenbaum Co.). The fourth and youngest child being raised by her three older siblings. EP: Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum and Betsy Thomas (writer).
* Untitled Eric Zicklin Project (Warner Bros. Television) Family show centered around two very different siblings. Richie, a 16-year-old trying to make his way through high school who has his own betting ring and his sister, Jennifer, a rebellious teen who slowly finds a passion for Orthodox Judaism, after she hears her grandmother is 1/8 Jewish. EP: Eric Zicklin (writer).
* Untitled Lotterstein/ Idelson Project a k a Sixteen to Life (20th Century Fox Television) 16-year-old girl works and takes care of her dad a la “Pretty in Pink.” EP: Rob Lotterstein (writer), Ellen Idelson (writer), Michael Hanel and Mindy Schultheis.
UPN drama
* The Edge (20th Century Fox Television) Two young FBI graduates and an undercover DEA agent solve crimes in a beach town on the Mexican border. EP: Scott Vila and Matthew Carnahan (writer).
* Hotel (Spelling TV) Remake of the ’80s series set in a ritzy Miami hotel. EP: Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Denise DiNovi and Cory Tynan (writer). Pilot presentation.
* Kamelot (Miramax Television) King Arthur is resurrected as a hip, young revolutionary to reign over a Camelot-like society that exists many years in the future. EP: Wes Craven, Ron Milbauer (writer) and Terri Hughes (writer).
* Newton (Warner Bros. TV/Joel Silver Pictures) Follows the lives of a family living in the corporate-owned community of Newton. EP: Joel Silver and Craig Silverstein (writer).
* Untitled Silvio Horta Project (Viacom Productions) NSA agent accidentally gets injected with a computer chip that makes him superhuman. EP: Gena Matthews, Grant Scharbo and Silvio Horta (writer).
* Untitled Wilkes Project (20th Century Fox Television/ Original Television). A former con man attempts to go straight and becomes the i
n-house detective at a hip Las Vegas casino. EP: Rich Wilkes (writer), Neil Moritz, Marty Adelstein and Dawn Parouse. Pilot presentation.
UPN comedy
* Game Over (Carsey-Werner-Mandabach). Video-game-inspired comedy about an animated suburban family’s life in an unconventional universe. EP: Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach, David Sacks (writer), David Goetsch (writer), Jason Venokur (writer) and Ross Venokur (writer).
* Old School (Paramount). Ensemble comedy set in a nostalgia shop that uses flashbacks to sho* that a group of 20-something friends can never escape the problems, petty jealousies and longings they experienced in high school. EP: David Tochterman Supervising producer: Chris Parrish (writer).
* Untitled Betsy Borns/Will Smith/Jada Pinkett-Smith Project (Warner Bros. Television/Overbrook Entertainment). Inspired by the real home life of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, this is a contemporary look at a complicated modern family dynamic where a husband and his second wife raise his son from his first marriage with his ex-wife’s involvement. EP: Betsy Borns (writer), Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and James Lassiter. Pilot presentation.
* Untitled Tim Kelleher Project (Warner Bros.). Looks at the lives of young parents in their mid-twenties who are torn between the single and carefree world and the married and responsible world. EP: Tim Kelleher (writer) and Tony Krantz.