War Journals

Mar 10, 2003  •  Post A Comment

As the nation moves closer to a war with Iraq, it is not only the troops stationed in the Gulf region that anxiously await marching orders. An army of reporters, cameramen, photographers and support personnel are also in place, playing the same waiting game. Some have been “embedded” by the United State into military units, but many others are there on their own, making their own living and travel arrangements under adverse conditions.
We asked some of the journalists at the front to share what it is like to be there, how they live, how they interact with the military and local citizens and how they are surviving. This week we publish the first in a series of exclusive firsthand reports from correspondents for NBC, CNN and ABC. This series will continue as other journalists share their experiences, for as long as America remains on a war footing. We welcome contributions from other news organizations as well as your comments.