Bobby Darin Fans Have Their Knives Out

Apr 14, 2003  •  Post A Comment

American Dreams executive producer Jonathan Prince has been personally e-mailing fans offended by a portrayal of the late singer-actor Bobby Darin in the March 30th episode. Although the Bronx-born singer whose hits included Splish, Splash and Mack the Knife has been dead since 1973, more than 200 fans complained after Mr. Darin (played by Duncan Sheik) was shown getting upset with young American Bandstand intern Meg Pryor and her friend Roxanne Bojarski, who wanted an interview for Seventeen magazine. Mr. Darin was well-known for not being press-friendly. “What we did was apparently unforgivable,” Mr. Prince said, after many e-mailers threatened to boycott the show. “I had no idea that I had stepped on the tail of a sleeping dragon.” Despite the e-mails, Mr. Prince defends the portrayal. “We wanted to pick one very bad day in the life of Bobby Darin, who ultimately at the end of the day, like the true pro he is, shows up, sings Beyond the Sea [and] charms everyone in the audience, including Meg.”