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Advertising & Agencies
Sofia Escamilla to media director, La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, in addition to manager, business plan and staffing.
David Laudani to sales director, Transit Television Network, from national sales manager, WTVX-TV, West Palm Beach, Fla.
James Lichtman to VP, litigation, NBC, from senior litigation counselor.
Carter Smith to group sales manager, Los Angeles, Eagle Television Sales, from regional director, West Coast operations, OSDN.
Christopher Roman to general manager, KPMR-TV, Santa Barbara, Calif., from general sales manager, KVER-TV and KLOB-TV, Palm Springs, Calif.
Christian Vesper to VP, acquisitions, Sundance Channel Entertainment, from executive director, ancillary rights acquisition.
David Chesnick to national director, field marketing/core video services, Comcast Cable Communications, from national manager, field marketing/core video services. Also, Rick Lang to regional VP, marketing and sales, Northwest region, from corporate VP, marketing, Charter Communications.
Jonathan Walter to director of information technology, financial services, Advance/ Newhouse Communications, from senior director, information technology finance group, Denver, AT&T Broadband. Also, Marc Wasserstrom to VP, financial planning, from director, business planning, New York Metropolitan area/Cablevision University, Cablevision Systems Corp; and Arthur Ornuna to VP, strategic initiatives, from VP, marketing, Canal+ Technologies.
Candice Pearson to VP, worldwide marketing, Hallmark Channel, from director, worldwide marketing.
Gary Morgenstern to director, trade and business publicity, corporate communications, Lifetime Television, from VP, corporate communications, A&E Television Networks. Also, Tricia Melton to VP, marketing, from VP, marketing, Oxygen Media; Brent Poer to VP, Lifetime brand, print, from director, marketing and events, Lifetime Entertainment Services; and Carla Cortis to VP, Western region, distribution, from director, distribution and field marketing, Southwest.
Kip Simonson to VP, sales and marketing, Charter Communications, from VP, marketing and sales, Orange County, Calif., Cox Communications.
David Safran to senior VP, advertising sales, the Tennis Channel, from head of sales, Sci-Fi Channel. Also, Faye Walker to VP, marketing, from VP, marketing, Game Show Network; and John Morse to VP, research, in addition to Byron Media.
Laura Molen to VP, director of ad sales, TNN, from senior VP, general sales manager, Paramount Advertiser Services.
Howard Nelson to executive director, integrated promotion, Sony Pictures Television, from integrated marketing consultant. Also, Andrew Deutscher to VP, Northeast region, from division manager, Midwest region, Chicago.
Alexa Bazanos to VP, human resources, Tribune Media Services, from director, human resources. Also, Jay Brodsky to VP, technology, fro9m product manager, Web syndication; Jay Fehnel to VP, business development, from director, business development, and Stephen Tippie to VP, marketing, from marketing director.
Paul Johnson to director, television division, Reed Midem, Paris, from director, European sales and marketing, The Hollywood Reporter, VNU Entertainment Media.
Derek Francis to morning anchor, WZZM-TV, Grand Rapids, Mich., from morning show anchor, KNDU-TV, Yakima, Wash.
Carol Thompson to medical producer, WBBM-TV, Chicago, from medical producer, WSVN-TV, Miami, Fla.
Duke Castiglione to sports anchor and reporter, WCBS-TV, New York, from main sports anchor, NY1, New York.
Alexis Glick to senior trading correspondent, CNBC, from head of floor operations, Morgan Stanley.
Brooke Bowman to director of development, Buena Vista Productions, from manager, series development and programming, VH1.
Martha Van Gelder to senior VP, international, Sesame Workshop, from group VP, International television and licensing.
David Ernst to executive VP, director of futures and technologies, Initiative Media Worldwide, from senior VP, director of IM solutions.
David Dasenbrock to VP, general manager, Initiative Media Las Vegas, from senior VP, media, archer]]malmo, inc.
Blanche Frankel to VP, SSA Public Relations, from executive director, Latin America division.
Stephanie Greenhut Baumoel to VP, FerenComm, from publicity director.