Profile: Chyron’s Michael Wellesley-Wesley

Apr 7, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Title: President and CEO of Chyron, maker of broadcast graphics systems.
Background: Mr. Wellesley-Wesley was appointed president and CEO in January. He previously served as chairman and CEO of the company from July 1995 to June 1997, and chairman from June 1999 to December 2001.
New Graphics Technology: Interest in centralized graphic solutions has grown over the past year, Mr. Wellesley-Wesley said. Remote playout and networking for multiple graphic machines are becoming more important to broadcasters. “It’s a much more systems- and solutions- orientated future that we see for graphics,” he said.
Joining Forces: Mr. Wellesley-Wesley is evaluating the prospect of strategic alliances, such as joint venture partnerships or preferred relationships with vendors. “We work very closely with a number of companies and have been exploring those possibilities,” he said. Chyron’s broadcast customers are increasingly seeking a one-stop shop. “The industry as a whole is going to be a consolidating industry. There are one or two big [players] and a multiplicity of smaller companies, and I anticipate a number of smaller companies will be absorbed by the bigger players,” he said.
Righting the Ship: After three to four years of belt tightening on the part of the broadcast industry the tide is starting to turn. “I believe it began to pick up quite markedly in the fourth quarter of last year and that has followed through into the first quarter of this year,” he said. “There has been a long period of underinvestment, and I think that is coming to an end. We are seeing a pickup in terms of demand for our products, but it’s right at the beginning and it’s coming at the end of a long downturn,” he said.