Quick Takes

Apr 14, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“In the context of our company’s environment, kids are adequately protected and entertained as we provide `family-friendly’ programming to our network partners, who in turn pair these series with age- and subject-appropriate advertising.”
Stephen Ellis, president, Ellis Entertainment
“No, of course not. TV ads teach our children to drink heavily, start having sex early and buy, buy, buy. The FCC is totally asleep at the switch, and most advertisers appear to care only about market values, not family values.”
Jim Steyer, founder and CEO, Common Sense Media
“The rules don’t protect any of us-kids or adults-adequately. My pet peeve these days is ads by pharmaceutical companies that encourage us to play doctor. They can be dangerous in more ways than one.”
Danny Schechter, executive editor, Mediachannel.org