Quick Takes

Apr 28, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“Both, in a strange way. Appropriate for the amazing reports from embedded and nonembedded journalists who offered a picture of the war often more detailed than the Pentagon’s briefings, and excessive in the amounts of jingoism, self-promotion and ideological nonsense that sometimes found itself on the airwaves.”

Eric Deggans TV Critic, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times

“Appropriate, for the importance of the story. The ABC network had the right balance of continuous coverage and regular updates.”

Valari Staab, president and GM,

KGO-TV (ABC), San Francisco

“I was mildly surprised that the networks didn’t provide more war coverage after the initial week. Perhaps they felt there was less of an obligation than in the past because of the number of cable news outlets, but that ignores the significant number of viewers who don’t have cable or satellite TV.”

Neal Justin, TV critic, Minneapolis Star Tribune