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Apr 28, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Since the advertiser-packed party in SoHo was occasioned by The Parkers hitting the syndication jackpot next fall, The Insider had to ask the stars of the UPN hitcom whether they feel set for life. “Of course not,” said Mo’Nique. “For now,” said her co-star and co-conversationalist Dorien Wilson.

After season four (and episode 99) wrapped in March, the two celebrated their good fortune by hopping a plane to the Bahamas. “They’re still talking about us,” said Mr. Wilson.

Though Mo’Nique later would tell the crowd she credited Mr. Wilson with teaching her how to share and enjoy being part of an ensemble after years of working in the self-centric world of standup comedy, it is Mo’Nique who is on the biggest roll.

Her first book, Skinny Women Are Evil, has already jumped to No. 32 on the New York Times bestseller list. She’s hoping to follow it up by Christmas with a cookbook, Mo’ Food With No Substitutions, that appeals to her palate, which rejects lite salt and low-fat anything.

All this in addition to preparing the line of clothing-everything from lingerie to weekend wear-she hopes to have in stores this fall. Mo’Nique arrived at the party-late, thanks to an interview with WWOR-TV’s Pat Collins that ran 40 minutes long-wearing one of her own designs, a complicated concoction of sueded fabric, precariously laced cleavage and thigh-high slits.

“Everything Mo’Nique touches turns to gold,” said Frank Mercado, CEO of The Heritage Networks, which is working with Paramount on marketing and selling advertising for The Parkers and syndicates the Mo’Nique-hosted Showtime at the Apollo.

Gold, or a cause for laughter.

Mo’ Emmy Schmooze

The complete roster of sports Emmy recipients doesn’t begin to list all the winners at the April 21 ceremony in New York.

For example, roving executive producer Michael Weisman, who shared one Emmy with a long list of folk for his work on NBC’s coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympics, earned four mentions throughout the evening, including one from winning analyst, Fox baseball team member Tim McCarver. “Our producer Mike Weisman just has fun with it and that translates,” he said.

Recently departed ABC Sports President Howard Katz also got a couple of verbal nods, one for each of the Emmys picked up by ABC Sports.