This Dog Doesn’t Do Tricks

Apr 21, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Most dogs on TV train at least four months. When it came to casting a pooch for the upcoming Fox series Keen Eddie, executive producer Simon West wanted “the ugliest dog we could find.” On location in the United Kingdom, he pawed his way to find his “Pete” on the Internet. It belonged to a drug dealer willing to part with the mutt, whose real name is Dozer, for about $300. “There’s lots of rules about what Pete can and can’t do,” Mr. West said. “He doesn’t do anything Lassie does. He doesn’t open door knobs with his paws. He just chews things to bits and acts like a real dog.” That didn’t stop Dozer from becoming a scene stealer. “I’m going to go into the editing room and sit there with a stopwatch and if that dog starts getting more screen time than I do he might find something else in his scooby snacks,” said Mark Valley, who plays Eddie on the show. Dozer has taken to the TV star life without a hitch. “He went from sort of a street dog to now having his own trailer,” added Mr. West.”