Unreal news: ABC is The Reality Network

Apr 7, 2003  •  Post A Comment

The ABC Network was the target of a savvy April Fool’s parody on the Web last week, which included a tongue-in-cheek announcement that the entire schedule would henceforth consist of reality shows such as Canine Crime 2003, American Pimp (and the spinoff Celebrity Pimp), Animal Fight Club, Switch (where host Jimmy Smits turns young men into young women) and American Embryo, in which the public decides with whom contestants reproduce. There is a pulldown form to fill out for people who want to be on TV, and mock messages from ABC execs Susan Lyne and Lloyd Braun. The site is the work of TeeVee.org, composed of six to 10 former U.C. San Diego buddies (class of ’92-’93) who have satirized different media institutions each of the past six years, according to Jason Snell, who edits a trade magazine the rest of the year. Past parodies included Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, Warren Littlefield and a nonexistent Sony TV network. “This year we decided with the state of affairs and ratings at ABC,” said Mr. Snell, “that they were ripe for satire.” TeeVee isn’t worried about being sued, he said, because it is not done for commercial gain, and in any case, TeeVee.org is incorporated but has no money or assets. The site only stays up at TeeVee.org for a week, but then can be found at TeeVee.org/2003/04/01.
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