Keep on Truckin’

May 19, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Since the successful SNTA presentation in New York earlier this year, major syndicators have been looking for other ways to push their message that syndication has more programs and more reach and should be part of all advertising schedules. While its invitation to the network upfront presentations may have gotten lost in the mail, Universal Domestic Television decided to drive home its message on the sides of 30 trucks, which circulated in a six-square-block area of Manhattan, where ad buyers shuffled between events last week promoting shows such as Maury, Jerry Springer, Crossing Over With John Edward, Blind Date, The 5th Wheel and the 2004 talker Fergie. The environmental ads were the idea of Deb Brunner, VP of creative services for Universal Domestic TV, who borrowed the idea from a Donna Karan fashion week promotion. “It was the first time she had seen anyone do something like this for trade purposes only,” said a Universal spokesman. “No studio or network has ever done anything similar to reach advertisers during the critical upfront advertising season.”