mob ties

May 26, 2003  •  Post A Comment

The wise guys on The Sopranos rarely wear ties, but if they did, the newest line of woven silk ties from Zanzara International might be enough to make even Paulie Walnuts proud. The Florida company has launched two lines of ties tied to The Sopranos. There’s the Bada Bing line of flashy printed patterns and a Sopranos line featuring tamer styles. “They’re not like anything you’ve ever seen before,” boasts Zanzara spokesman Richard Fusco. “If you watch the show, you know they all wear pretty spiffy, expensive clothes.” Although this is likely the last season of The Sopranos, Zanzara just made a three-year licensing deal that will also include dress shirts, sport shirts and knits. At first HBO didn’t want to do the deal, fearing it might corrupt the integrity of their lucrative brand. Zanzara tried again, this time offering designs they couldn’t refuse in exchange for “a standard industry percentage” of the sales (typically 3 percent to 8 percent). Zanzara president Larry Ganet is confident his line will be a hit with the show’s die-hard fans. “We’re a media-driven world, and a successful media brand usually translates to other products,” he said, citing neckwear lines by Jerry Garcia, Rush Limbaugh and Regis Philbin. The Sopranos ties debuted in Macy’s last week, just in time for a Father’s Day, ahem, tie-in.