Quick Takes

May 5, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“Of course not. Advertisers, and thus network execs, don’t want their audiences to get so excited [they don’t] watch and internalize the ads. If a slight variation on last year’s hit family comedy is ready to go, the brilliant dramedy about a gay mime troupe in Communist Czechoslovakia isn’t going to make it.”
Peter Carlin, TV critic, The Oregonian
“God I hope not. One has to hope that much of the best programming never gets to the air. Because if what is picked is actually the best Hollywood can produce, we are all truly lost.”
Bob Laurence, TV critic, San Diego Union-Tribune
“The proof is in the shows-still mostly pale imitations of one another. There’s so much competition for talent in the pilot season and not enough time to develop shows once they’re chosen, resulting in series quite different from the pilots.”
Roger Catlin, TV critic, Hartford (Conn.) Courant