SCOUTING REPORT: What insiders are saying about UPN

May 12, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“UPN, with the less-than-stellar ratings for Platinum, finds itself scratching its head again trying to figure out who they are.” … “UPN should go for quality and take a chance on one or two shows. Newton is the best thing they ever developed. They need to pick up a show like that and they need to leave Platinum on and give that a chance to find an audience.” … “UPN is in the worst position in that they’re not enough of a powerhouse that CBS might say, put a reality show on over there that we like because they have a better time slot for it, but they’re not small enough ratingswise like an MTV or a TNN, where they can say, let’s dual purpose something. They’ve got the worst of both worlds as it relates to synergistically working with CBS.”