Success Stories: War Issues in Phoenix

May 5, 2003  •  Post A Comment

The war with Iraq has affected TV advertising and programming in Phoenix. KNXV-TV, the ABC affiliate, had a commercial-free hour during a local town hall meeting with Peter Jennings. And popular independent KTVK-TV is airing promotional spots.
The town hall meeting was about preparations for the war in Iraq and homeland security. “The governor was on it and various experts,” said John Culliton, VP-general manager of the Scripps Howard-owned KNXV.
“Basically, we asked our sales staff if it might be best to do a commercial-free hour and then asked ourselves about a sponsor. Within a few hours one of our account executives said Fulton Homes would like to do something high-profile and special. So we approached them, and sure enough, they were immediately interested.”
The hour-long special, airing from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., came amid two World News Tonight segments and featured only two 30-second commercials, both for Fulton Homes.
The spots at KTVK-TV acknowledge troops and service people from the Arizona area who have gone to Iraq. “We are being careful how hard we push that [with advertisers],” said General Manager Skip Cass, who added that the promos are not about generating revenue.
The Phoenix market expects $377.4 million in ad revenuesin 2003, according to BIA Financial Network.