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May 5, 2003  •  Post A Comment

John Stossel’s catchphrase these days is “Give me a break,” which is the title of his weekly contribution to 20/20.
The Insider hears that Mr. Stossel, a 22-year veteran of the magazine, is on the verge of getting the best kind of break. Indeed, he seems quite likely to get a promotion to co-anchor to Barbara Walters on 20/20. Late last week, the deal was said to be not quite done. But in more than one corner, there is the expectation that an announcement could come within days.
His promotion would fill the hole left next to Ms. Walters earlier this year when correspondent John Miller left the network to head Los Angeles’ new Bureau of Homeland Security.
Victor Neufeld Shifts Gears
Speaking of 20/20 and Mr. Stossel, and unconfirmed reports about ABC News, Victor Neufeld, who for many years doubled as executive producer of the newsmagazine and Mr. Stossel’s specials, is said to have taped a presentation/pilot for consideration by the executives who will draw up ABC’s 2003-04 lineup over the next week.
The quiet gossip about the proposed new prime-time hour says Mr. Neufeld cast correspondent Chris Cuomo as the anchor who does his anchorly duties in a moving sports car. Think of it as a magazine-style road trip that might appeal to younger viewers. The working title is Shift DV, which alludes to the use of digital video technology to achieve a handheld look and an intimate feel.
Pass Dinner Mints `n’ Gossip
The reporters and gossips who attended the April 25 White House Correspondents Dinner have all focused on the predictable subjects-who brought the silliest or sexiest nonjournalist guest, why there was no comedy centerpiece this year and how the crowd took advantage of Ray Charles’ blindness to table-hop while he was performing.
But what The Insider wants to know is which general ended up with a uniform covered with more than medals after a female tablemate energetically hurled during dinner? And does this explain all that table hopping?