Would You Like a Burrito With Your Divorce?

May 5, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Lorenzo Lamas recently made headlines with a bitter divorce and with risque comments such as, “I’ve got a burrito cooking down here,” as a judge on ABC’s Are You Hot? Now he’s set to parlay his notoriety into being the first celebrity drop-in on Twentieth Television’s Divorce Court. During an episode to air in September, the actor and father of six, who has been married four times, offers advice to a divorcing couple struggling with how to help their children through the split. The custody issue is an apparent hot-button for Mr. Lamas, who confided to Divorce Court’s producers that during his childhood he rarely saw his father, the late actor Fernando Lamas, more than twice a year. “It is difficult but worth it to mend broken fences and rebuild relationships,” Mr. Lamas told the producers. “In this case, I hope [the couple] Lawrence and Shenika can do just that. It is important that the parent never gives up on the child, and I hope Lawrence understands that his relationship with Shenika is most certainly worth fighting for.”