For Love or to Keep the Show Interesting?

Jun 16, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Just what did inspire bachelor Rob Campos to offer a heartfelt apology for his drunken, loutish behavior on last week’s installment of “For Love or Money”? Was it conscience, the negative publicity about his Marine service, which broke the morning the show aired, or maybe a little push from the producers based on input from the ladies? Mr. Campos had placed his foot on the derriere of one of the women as she helped him take off his boots, and later while in the hot tub he drunkenly kissed most of the girls. While Blink would like to believe Mr. Campos did it because once sober he realized how badly he’d behaved, we had to wonder if he got a push in light of the disclaimer that NBC and producers at Bruce Nash Productions run at the end of the show: “The contestants may have consulted with producers regarding their choices and decisions.” Did producers who saw how appalled the women were at Mr. Campos’ conduct tell him he should apologize to make the show better? An NBC spokeswoman said producers did not tell Mr. Campos what to do. Contestants do talk to producers and often tell them which way they are leaning to help the showrunners decide how strongly to play up a story line when they are editing the show. “The choices contestants make are entirely their own,” the NBC spokeswoman said. “Producers don’t steer them in any direction. We include the disclaimer because we wanted to be honest with contestants and viewers about the show. In all likelihood it happens on all of these shows, but we wanted to be honest about it.”