Jun 23, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Goodbye To Insomniacs
Derek McGinty signs off as co-anchor of ABC’s “World News Now” early, early Friday after more than three years delivering news and chuckles to insomniacs. He’s returning to Washington to anchor a 7 p.m. newscast being developed by Gannett’s WUSA-TV. So far, no word about how Mr. McGinty’s last show will be observed on the eccentric newscast, but the bald-by-choice anchor certainly wouldn’t seem to be a candidate for the usual teary farewells. Meanwhile, Mr. McGinty still can be seen on HBO’s “Real Sports.”
Good Afternoon, Gracie
On Wednesday and Thursday, the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television in New York will honor local and national media stars with the 28th Annual Gracie Allen Awards, which encourage positive and realistic portrayals of women in entertainment, news and other programming. This year’s winners include Patricia Heaton (“Everybody Loves Raymond”), Rosa Blasi (“Strong Medicine”), Catherine Crier (Court TV) and two stars of shows that have already ended, Connie Chung and Jules Asner. Shows being honored include “Sex and the City,” Lifetime’s “Intimate Portrait” and ABC News’ “20/20.”
Hello to Digital
The annual Show Biz Expo, which kicks off Thursday at the L.A. Convention Center, is being combined this year with the L.A. Digital Video Show. About 300 vendors will display the latest hardware and software, while there are also workshops, conferences and technical displays. There will even be a two-day crash course in digital video production, as well as classes for writers, editors, directors, cinematographers and others. At a time when unemployment is rampant in Hollywood, there will also be a job fair next Sunday.