Profile: Joe Rooney

Jun 23, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Joe Rooney, senior VP of marketing for Cox Communications, is a 22-year cable industry veteran and Tammi award-winner who heads the multiple system operator’s marketing efforts in 23 states.
Mr. Rooney first joined Cox at the company’s Orange County, Calif., system, where he helped pioneer the marketing of all-digital cable products.
“For a while we were the only place in the world where you could get Internet, phone and TV service in one line,” Mr. Rooney said.
Mr. Rooney’s team embraced the innovation and pushed bundle subscriptions. Orange County eventually become the first market to achieve 10 percent penetration for digital services.
Impressed with his results, four years ago Cox brought Mr. Rooney to its Atlanta headquarters to oversee the company’s national marketing efforts. He now divvies his time between overseeing an ad-producing creative team, a channel-packing product team and a science-based marketing research team-which gathers extensive demographic research to help Cox customize promotions and packages for various communities.
“We spend a tremendous amount of time listening to our customers about the nets they want,” Mr. Rooney said. “Cable companies are famous for not dropping content. Once we add a channel, it’s on there typically for a long time, so we try to be very thoughtful about the programming we add.”
Mr. Rooney’s current focus is the same as his mission in Orange County: Increase purchasing of bundle packages, or, as he’s dubbed them, “The Bundle Baby.”
“Our research shows customers are less likely to leave if they do a bundle,” Mr. Rooney said. Such packages now account for about one-third of Cox subscription packages.
A two-time former president of CTAM of Southern California, Mr. Rooney is currently on CTAM’s board of directors. In 2001, his marketing team received Cablevision Magazine’s Innovator Award for Consumer Marketing.%