And She Said, ‘Let Him Eat Cake’

Jul 14, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“Crossfire” co-host Tucker Carlson vowed to eat his well-worn Bass Weejun penny loafers and his tie if Sen. Hillary Clinton’s book, “Living History,” sold a million copies, but the former first lady let the conservative talk show host off the hook last week when she delivered a (right) wingtip-shaped cake as a substitute. The confection was whipped up by New York baking queen Colette Peters, who estimated there were 4 to 5 cups of sugar among the components, which included bourbon chocolate cake, vanilla white cake, chocolate truffle filling and a rolled fondant outer layer. “I was flirting with diabetes while I was eating it,” said Mr. Carlson, who did not stick a slice of the cake in his freezer to eat on the anniversary of his nonhumiliation. “It was incredible.” Among those who helped surprise Mr. Carlson was his “Crossfire” sparring partner Paul Begala, a former Clinton White House aide. The Senator spent about 15 minutes waiting outside a theater on the George Washington U campus until Mr. Tucker was preoccupied with the show so she could make her surprise entrance. Mr. Carlson’s “mean friends” in Washington now concede that Sen. Clinton’s good-natured gastronomic gesture does, indeed, mean he’s off the I’ll-eat-my-shoes hook. “I hope I am,” said Mr. Carlson on his way to Maine for a long weekend, during which he planned to gorge on fried clams.