Better to love and be voted out

Jul 21, 2003  •  Post A Comment

As 8.6 million viewers know, CBS’s “Big Brother” lost its virginity last week when David Lane, one of the eight original housemates, and Amanda Craig, one of the five exes introduced to spice things up, crawled under the covers in the Head of Household room and consummated their flirtation. As breathless fans of the live video that streams around the clock from the “Big Brother” house know, the couple shed their inhibitions after extracting promises from other houseguests that David would not be evicted for doing the Big Nasty. But what very few people know is that during the 45 minutes or so that the live feeds were frozen on the front of the house (“FOTH” to aficionados) what surely ranks as another reality milestone occurred. David, who had had a lot to eat and drink that evening, threw up. The next day, of course, Amanda was voted out of the house, something she had seen coming. It appears that “Big Brother”-ly love will remain a rarity.