Jul 21, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Hallmark Channel’s Chris Moseley was the force behind the network’s massive marketing campaign late last year, the Hallmark Keepsake Sweepstakes promotion touting the network’s holiday movies.
The network’s total number of monthly viewers grew from 14.9 million in November to 32 million in December, according to Nielsen data, said Ms. Moseley, executive VP of worldwide marketing and brand strategy for Hallmark Channel.
She’s receiving a TAMI Award for her work in recognizing and integrating the creative community into CTAM.
The campaign exemplified the notion that a marketer can no longer rely solely on its own air, with Hallmark turning to its retail outlets, Internet partners, print ads in major magazines and other forms of media. “It’s weaving together all sorts of places that a consumer can hear your message as opposed to a rifle shot,” Ms. Moseley said.
That sort of work entails aligning creative and marketing more closely, which has been Ms. Moseley’s legacy at CTAM.
She has served as chair for both CTAM and Promax and has tried to build bridges between the two associations.
“Originally it was just as simple as having a Promax panel at CTAM,” she said. “Over time CTAM set up committees focused on an agenda of recruiting more creative people to attend the summit. Basically, my goal has been to bring more people who work in the creative part of marketing into CTAM. When you have an organization that’s focused on marketing, not to include that other piece isn’t the whole picture.”