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Michael Pardee oversaw a CTAM project last year that took a fresh look at how consumers decide what to watch on TV. The results, presented in January, indicated the brand identity for an individual channel is playing an increasing role in viewing habits, said Mr. Pardee, VP of research for Scripps Networks.
Mr. Pardee is being honored with a TAMI for chairing the CTAM Research Committee that led the project.
“The attributes of an ESPN, HGTV, Food or even a TNT, where you have a certain expectation, is taking on an increased role in people’s decisions,” he said. “People have sets of channels they consider and don’t consider.”
The study revealed that most consumers tune to three or four channels initially and then to three or four fallback options.
Such knowledge is valuable. “That has huge implication for how you promote, schedule and get the word out. This reinforced the importance of having a brand,” he said.
In a world that is becoming more “TiVo-ized,” networks need to promote the experience of the channel better, whether in an on-air spot, magazine ad or other vehicle.
Mr. Pardee said he expects CTAM to assume a larger role in producing such projects in the future as the association becomes a source for fundamental industry-relevant research.