Product Spotlight: Grabbing Mpulse buyers

Jul 21, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Mpulse from N2 Broadband, self-provisioning software and hardware for the cable industry
What it Does: Mpulse is designed to allow greater customer control over new services, said Raj Amin, VP of business development for N2 Broadband, which provides infrastructure software and services for cable operators delivering VOD services. “When a subscriber is interested and educated on a product, they have no other option except to make a call to the cable operator,” he said. However, if a multiple system operator has implemented Mpulse, customers can purchase new services, such as ordering an on-demand movie, with a click. That capability should encourage impulse buying, such as using the remote to purchase HBO 30 minutes before “Sex and the City” starts.
How it Works: N2 Broadband is integrated into a cable operator’s electronic program guide, conditional access system and billing system through its OpenStream platform, giving N2 a leg up in solving the self-provisioning dilemma, Mr. Amin said. Mpulse is a software module and server for the headend that communicates when a subscriber wants to buy a product, such as a premium channel or digital tier.
Rising Revenues: Since movie buy rates rose 21/2 times when the industry moved from a call-in pay-per-view model to an impulse PPV model, Mr. Amin expects self-provisioning of other services to similarly drive revenues. “If they can make it easy for consumers to buy, the penetration rates will go up. The Holy Grail would be if you can click on HBO and you have a promotional video that says what you get,” he said. An upgrade call costs $7 to $11, he said.
Availability: The Web version is currently available, while the set-top box integration will be available later in the third quarter.