Product Spotlight: Media Authorization Network

Jul 14, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What It Is: Authorization Network, a proprietary control system to protect, authorize and track content on the Internet. The service is provided by Entriq of Mountain View, Calif.
How It Works: The Authorization Network allows a content provider to register its online content and then define the usage, such as how and where it can be used and how many copies can be made. When an online user requests to view a piece of content, such as a video clip, the information about the license is processed in seconds behind the scenes, much like a credit card purchase at a store. “The fundamental is to allow and the selling of to happen much more easily,” said Jan Steenkamp, CEO. “This actually encrypts the file and replaces basic Web sign-on techniques, and that’s where you found a lot of piracy. When the physical content is encrypted, it’s encrypted in your device and is much more secure in the way is being distributed and managed.”
Clients: Entriq currently provides the content encryption and tracking for the music downloads on MTV.com. Mr. Steenkamp said Entriq is in talks with major networks about using the service to encrypt video content online for subscription or pay-per-view.
The Broadband Future: Entriq’s nascent system is just beginning to gain traction with content providers because broadband has finally reached critical mass in terms of penetration and content.
“The world is now for the first time at this level of broadband sophistication that they need it,” he said. In addition, Entriq is platform-agnostic so it can handle content from Real, Windows or other formats.
Cost: Entriq charges a transaction fee and a minimum monthly fee.