Profile: Catherine Warburton-Scott

Jul 7, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Title: Senior VP, associate director, national broadcast, Carat USA
Recent interesting deal: “A recent deal that Carat did for Kia was a sponsorship of the “Dawson’s Creek” final episode and movie finale on The WB. This sponsorship included television, print and online elements. The promotion began about one month before the final episode and ran though the finale.
“On The WB, Kia was the sponsor of vignettes that promoted the finale with `great’ `Dawson’s Creek’ moments. Additionally, Kia received sponsorship billboards in both the final episode of `Dawson’s Creek’ and the movie finale. Online, Kia sponsored areas of the `Dawson’s Creek’ portion of The WB site from mid-March until mid-May. In Entertainment Weekly, People’s Most Beautiful People issue and Teen People, Kia was included as a presenting partner in full page ads.”
The next big thing: “A few things come to mind. The first is third-party media auditors. In Europe, there are third-party auditors that benchmark media costs, effectiveness, etc. Our global clients continually ask us if there are similar sources to benchmark media in the U.S. While the U.S. does not have such a source, some clients are hiring media auditors to audit buys and media plans.
“The trend second is corporate trade. More and more clients have an interest in participating in barter. In response to this trend, Carat has established Carat Trade to service this area.
“Third, don’t underestimate the power of personal video recorders. Although only a small percentage of homes currently own a PVR, users are passionate about them. Speaking from personal experience, a PVR changes the way a person views television. Instead of viewing PVRs as a threat, the advertising community needs to learn how to channel the PVR user’s passion for television toward their commercial message.”
What do you wish you had bought less of: “A long time ago when I was a spot buyer there was one station that kept pre-empting my late news spots. The station was in my client’s home market, and I remember having numerous conversations-arguments-with my rep about why this was happening. There was always a different reason and a promise that it would not happen again. I don’t want to name the station because it was so long ago. Hopefully, they have cleaned up their act.”
What do you wish you had bought more of: `”American Idol.’ We had a few clients looking at sponsorship packages before `American Idol’ debuted. Unfortunately, at the time our clients could not fund a sponsorship. As an agency, we thought the program had a great concept.
If you weren’t in media buying: “Like many people, I sort of fell into media buying. Even so, I could not have chosen a better career. If I was not working in advertising, I would probably be living in Colorado and doing something in the ski industry. Although I am not an expert skier, I love it.”