Profile: Mike Oldham

Jul 7, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Title: CEO, OmniBus Systems
Background: Mr. Oldham spent 10 years with software company Encoda Systems.
He also worked with online credit company SafeRent and served as chief operating officer for online marketing company MatchLogic.
A Changing Industry: OmniBus provides technology solutions to automate master control operations, manage workflow and ingest and encode material.
These tools are even more important today as station groups consolidate and build out multichannel sites, Mr. Oldham said. “The key to making those multichannel playout centers in consolidated station environments work is seeing this integration between automation of master control and news,” he said. Being able to navigate and negotiate that space allows video to be retrieved and used for multiple purposes, something that is done increasingly as operations merge and share space. “Being able to ingest catalogs and create proxies for tens of thousands of clips and be able to find that information, edit and use it in the newsroom in a very time critical function [is essential],” he said. Time Warner’s NY1 News and Fisher Broadcasting-owned ABC affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle are some of the broadcasters relying on Omnibus tools.
Top of Mind: The most important issue for broadcasters today is how to do more with less without the on-air product suffering, said Mr. Oldham said. “How do you go from a single analog channel to multiple digital channels without massively expanding your staff? You do that through automation and workflow management and being able to ingest and capture and assign metadata to media assets and be able to track them very effectively in an automated fashion so there is far less human intervention,” he said. “Give people the right tools to improve the way they do their jobs-not replace them with technology,” Mr. Oldham said.