Quick Takes

Jul 7, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“Innovative, smart television is in. Dumb is out. We look forward to furthering this trend by developing kids’ programming that makes them go `wow,’ breaks new ground and raises the quality-entertainment bar even higher.”
Tara Sorensen, VP of development for kids’ programming and production,
National Geographic Television & Film
“No, I’m not satisfied. The [path] of least resistance is often taken by the networks and their program suppliers, and shows end up appealing to the lowest common denominator.”
Craig Allison, station manager,
KSHB-TV (NBC) and KMCI-TV (Indep.), Kansas City, Mo.
“Television needs to be more representative of the true diversity in this country. A recent study from UCLA shows Latinos registering only 3 percent of screen time on network programs last fall. Yet we are now the largest minority in this country. Latinos are professionals too, and television programming needs to reflect this reality.”
Luis Ortiz, program manager, Latino Public Broadcasting