Will the NAB Flip-Flop Yet Again?

Jul 28, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Although the National Association of Broadcasters suffered a wave of negative publicity and angered some of its own members earlier this month when it suddenly pulled support for legislation to roll back the cap on national TV station ownership to 35 percent, there is talk the NAB may flip-flop yet again. The board, which was not asked to vote on the last policy change, meets in special session Monday, July 28, in Washington. In light of the lopsided House vote to support a rollback, which was supported by the Network Affiliated Stations Alliance, the association’s lobbying strategy is expected to be a hot topic at the closed-door session. The original reason for the reversal was concern that the NAB wouldn’t be able to prevent lawmakers from beefing up the measures with provisions nullifying deregulation that association members support. Now that the proposed legislation is a rider on an appropriations bill and is limited to rolling back the cap, some members want to support the bill again. “It’s going to be a tough meeting for a lot of people,” said one board source.