Aug 25, 2003  •  Post A Comment

* In “Premium Is on Access, Selection” (TelevisionWeek, Aug. 18), Cablevision Systems Corp. CEO James Dolan said: “My job as chairman of the Garden is to keep continuity with [a team of managers], to provide an environment where those guys can make logical, clear-headed, not fear-based decisions. And in this market, it’s easy to make a fear-based decision.”
* In Roving Eye (TelevisionWeek, Aug. 11) G4 founder and CEO Charles Hirschhorn was pictured with “G-Phoria” host Jamie Kennedy. Incorrect information was attached to the photo. Also attending the event was actor Elijah Wood, shown with Mr. Hirschhorn in photo at right.
* In “Power Fails, TV Prevails” (TelevisionWeek, Aug. 18), Fox affiliate WUTV, Buffalo, N.Y., was off the air until almost 10 p.m. Aug. 14 due to the power outage and did not pre-empt NFL football.