Dear Suitor: A House Isn’t Always a Home

Aug 4, 2003  •  Post A Comment

While the family house on “Who Wants to Marry My Dad?” may seem homey, it’s not really home for the Mueller family. They actually reside in Cincinnati, not Southern California. Executive producer Scott Satin, who also produced the show’s predecessor “Meet My Folks,” said using a home that the contestants don’t really live in started on “Meet My Folks.” “When a girl brings home a boy to meet her parents, it’s a lot more intimidating if you are in their own home,” he said, which is why the show does give the impression that it is the family’s real home.
Logistical reasons are another issue-filming has to be done in the Los Angeles area, and the house has to be big enough for the contestants and crews to move around. Mr. Satin said they acknowledge the home isn’t real with a disclaimer in the credits: “We don’t try to hide it.”
The producers do, however, try to make the house feel like a home. They truck in the family’s belongings to personalize the house and make them as comfortable as possible. In “Marry My Dad,” Mr. Satin said, “Every picture on every wall is from their home. Every trophy on every mantle place is from their home.”
The women competing for Dad’s affections are aware up front that he doesn’t live in the fabulous Chatsworth, Calif., mansion. But will the winner be disappointed by his real home?
“The home where he really lives is equally as nice as the one we’re using,” Mr. Satin said.
And what about the red Ferrari Dad drove up to the house in the first episode?
That’s not his either. In real life, Dad drives a Range Rover.